A mugshot is originally a photograph of a person but it usually refers to the photo taken of a person who was arrested. After their arrest, the person has to go through a long process regardless of whether they are innocent or guilty. The main purpose of these photos is for documentation in the law enforcement department. It can also be used by others in the future for reference. It contains basic information about the alleged offender and the crime like the suspect’s height, the date, and more. These are maintained as public property so one can find them by searching for specifics like Lorain County jail inmate mugshots.

Why are the mugshots public?

There are many reasons why mugshots are made public. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Depending on the seriousness of the crime committed, the mugshots may be released to the public as a warning to beware of the person.
  • When the information is made public, the authorities cannot abuse their power.
  • They can be accessed even years later so they can act as references to a crime in the future, especially if the features of the suspect match the features of the one in the mugshot.
  • They can be used by the friends and family of the suspect to know about their whereabouts.

Finding inmates

After conviction, the suspect is put in jail if they are found to be guilty. There still may be people who want to find out about the inmates for a variety of reasons and mugshots help to make this easy. Several sources are available on the internet to find inmates. You can find them with a federal inmate locator. To find mugshots, you can use search engines or your state’s official site. Whichever software you use, you can find any Lorain County jail inmate mugshots easily.