Briefing on the facility

Gordon County Jail is one of the named locations in Georgia for holding up the individuals sentenced for a criminal offense. With a bed capacity of 376, the entire unit is designed in a manner to hold up the accused who are to be presented for court hearings or even transferred to other units based on the final decision. Not meant for the handling of the juvenile cases, the entire facility is highly secured and runs up based on a fixed set of protocols. The upcoming content discusses in more detail about the gordon county jail inmates.

Types of criminals housed

The following are the types of criminals housed in the entire facility and are judged based on the degree of seriousness of the crime committed:

  • Small-time criminals with a sentence period of a maximum of 3 years.
  • Serious criminals with a great track record with the period extending to double-digit period.
  • Highly notorious criminals who are transferred to other secured facilities and made to stay for an interim period.

The housing facility

The gordon county jail inmates are housed uniquely, owing to the different periods of stay of the inmates. The entire facility is divided into pods, with each having cells, a common area, and a recreational spot. The cells are designed sturdily to prevent any escape and houses a maximum of 3 inmates for better monitoring by the authorities.

The inmates are provided with regular jobs to do and given the basic facilities of food, clothing, and even to the extent of non-internet technology that is based on their interests. Games are organized regularly to evolve the bonding amongst each other and maintain harmony.

Meeting up

In case of anyone amongst your loved ones is trapped within the facility, then you can write an email to the authorities in advance stating the purpose of the visit and items that would be exchanged. Alternatively, the inmates are also given opportunities to write letters and call once in a month to stay connected.

On an ending note, life over here is quite different when compared to other facilities.