When a person is arrested on any criminal charges, the public department takes a picture of the arrested individual. This photograph is called as the mugshot or booking photos. These photographs are kept with the police department in their archives. However, to increase the transparency of the country’s judicial system, the police department tends to make these mugshots public. Making these aurora il mugshots public can have both positive and negative impact on the society and especially on the people who are in these pictures.

Pros of mugshot going public

The mugshots are of people who are arrested and many of them who are convicted as well. Sometimes it happens, that convicted felon runs away or break the jail or absconds. In such cases, it is helpful for the general public to search and find any convict. It can increase safety and can save the police’s time as well. Also, sometimes, organizations and even general people are concerned about the people they are hiring or meeting respectively. In such cases, they can search if the person is convicted or not if they have ever been arrested in past. Also, in a free country federal government is under the pressure to make these pictures public, as there is nothing they can hide from legal and media.

Cons of mugshots going public

As there are few pros of the public aurora il mugshots archives. There are several cons as well. Having one’s mugshot on a public archive can cause trouble in a person’s life. If a person was not convicted but was arrested, and if their mugshot gets posted online, it can cause havoc in their life. Sometimes even the oldest of the mugshots get posted online on public archives. This can make getting a job, place to live, friends or even a date difficult in the cities. Also, at times, one may get offers from various sources who will ask for money to remove the mugshot from online archives. Many times these offers are legit but at times these can exploitative and can cause one to lose money.

Sometimes these public archives of the mugshots can be helpful and sometimes they can be a bane to the ones who were not convicted but they got arrested.