Jodi Stauffer

Jodi Stauffer and Thom Ricks established WOW Productions, a creative company, to share their collaborative work with the world. 

They believe that by focusing on the process of creating together the natural outcome leads to their inspiring books. People are most often drawn to the books because of the hand drawn, detailed, whimsical images, but they come back after reading the words. They consider the books to be divinely inspired in a way that touches on a common thread that people can relate to in their own lives. Believing that each one of us possesses a magic door, something we are good at or would love to do, a person just needs to have the courage to step towards it.

Their first book, Dare To Dream is written to the child within the adult. Other titles include two children’s books, Brilliant and Tommy’s Magic Door, a canine translation of the Mystic Poets, Love Poems from doG and two books of Thom’s sketches and field notes from his world travels.


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