Floating Man

Gail Stouffer


This gorgeous bowl is 9"wide, 5" deep and 1/4 thick! It's muted colors and geometric design work with any decor. The bowl is functional for serving and is the perfect centerpiece for an entry or dining table or even up on a shelf as a beautiful art piece.

This piece of original glassware was created by Gail Stouffer.

More About Gail:

My work conveys the hidden truths of identity. I create symbolic representations of struggle, rebellion, transformation, and ultimately acceptance of who we are versus who we are expected to be. These messages, rendered in glass, metals, or print, are communicated boldly, directly, and sometimes defiantly. The goal of my work is to engage on a deeper level, allowing viewers to question and confront their own identity experiences.

I work in a variety of materials and processes to convey my ideas. Kiln Formed and Cast Glass, Sterling Silver, and Photo-Exposure Printmaking engage my life-long fascination with physics and chemistry. Although each medium is inherently different, each one allows me to practice its age-old processes and integrate them with the most modern, innovate techniques. Exploring functional forms and statement-oriented work allows me the opportunity to challenge myself to communicate in new ways. My work continues to evolve in content and process as I continue observation and examination of public roles versus the inner self.